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Find The Best Homeopathic Doctor in Barrackpore  

Indianhomeo the best homeopathic clinic in Barrackpore was inaugurated in the year 2012 in Barrackpore. The founder Dr. Sudha Tripathi has been practicing Homoeopathy from the year 2002.  With her excellent academic background and her clinical experience of more than 20years Dr. Sudha best Homeopathic Doctor in Barrackpore, successfully cured cases like PCOD, infertility, asthma chronic eczema, behavioral disorders in children, ADHD gastric derangement, tumor in the breast, and many more cases.

With happy patients all over the country at Indianhomeo, the homeopathy treatment has proven to work in both acute and chronic illnesses for all age groups.

Based on the teachings of Dr. Hahnemann and predictive homeopathy the Indianhomeo clinic follows the idea to treat the man in disease and not the disease in the man

 From time to time several health awareness workshops are organized to educate patients about their health condition and general homeopathy treatment.

The well-trained and compassionate staff of Indianhomeo makes the clinic more congenial in Barrackpore.
Indianhomeo is the best Homeopathic Clinic in Barrackpore.

During a pandemic in Barrackpore, when transportation was shut and it was difficult for distant patients to travel and get medicine, that time Indianhomeo Barrackpore took responsibility and started online consultation with home delivery of medicines from the comfort of patients' homes. Patients from Barrackpore receive medicines the same day.

With this online consultation and home delivery of homeopathy medicine in Barrackpore and successful treatment, Indianhomeo has been gaining ground.

Dr. Sudha Tripathi Homeopathy Doctor Barrackpore was a lecturer and HOD at Baksons Homoeopathic Medical College. She also did her pediatric mastro course and scope plus force from PDF predictive Homoeopathy Mumbai.

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