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#Dr. Sudha Tripathi 2021-11-23

Dr. Sudha Tripathi

Homoeopathic Physician


Dr. Sudha Tripathi has been practising homoeopathy for 18 years and has successfully treated cases of infertility, PCOS, skin diseases, breast tumours, and behavioural issues in children, among other things.

She holds a Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery degree from Aurangabad (Maharashtra) and is currently conducting research in Agro Homeopathy


She is currently associated with-

  • Full-time practise at Kolkata's India Homeo Clinic.

  • Kolkata's Garcha Gurudwara has a charitable clinic.

  • Picnic Garden at Sunil Nagar Charitable Dispensary in Kolkata


A) As a Homoeopathic Doctor —


  • Since 2009, I've been in private practise at Indian Homeo (Own Chamber) in Kolkata.

  • From January to May 2007, I managed the outpatient department at Lokpriya Hospital in Meerut.

  • From September 2004 to December 2005, I worked as a private practitioner in Meerut's Central Market, Shastri Nagar.

  • From June 2001 to August 2003, I was responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of numerous patients using Homoeopathic Medicines in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.


B) As an Educator – 


  • From June 2007 until March 2009, I worked as a lecturer at Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College in Greater Noida. Physiology, Anatomy, and Medicine are among the subjects covered.

  • From January 2006 until May 2007, I worked as a lecturer at Subharti Group Paramedical College (Meerut).

  • In Aurangabad, a group of ladies was given advice on common ailments and how to treat them with homoeopathic medicine (Maharashtra).


C) Other Professional Activities-

  • Jyotirmay Club in Kolkata hosted a workshop on women's health.

  • Organize a variety of free health and homoeopathic camps.

  • In Kolkata, a Reiki workshop was organised.

  • In Aurangabad, a homoeopathic kit was introduced (Maharashtra).

  • For Homoeopathic practise, a patient history book was published.

  • In the Meerut plus issue of the Times of India, there are educational pieces regarding homoeopathic treatment (TOI).

  • Various camps in rural regions were organised.

  • MBA students conducted a door-to-door survey to raise awareness of homoeopathy.



Our therapy systems at Indian Homoeo take a holistic approach. We offer tailored lifestyle adjustment suggestions for nutrition and exercise, as well as specialist health care services like yoga and acupressure, in addition to Homeopathy treatment.