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Cholelithiasis is the term used for presence of stones in gall bladder.

Gall bladder is the small organ below the liver in the upper right abdomen.

It is a pouch that stores bile, a yellow green liquid that helps with digestion.

Function of bile-

When food enters the gall bladder a hormone is released, signalling the gall bladder to contract and secrete bile in to the intestine through the duct. The bile thus helps in the digestive process by breaking up the fats.

It also drains waste products from liver in to the small intestine.

Causes of formation –

Bile is made up of bile acids, cholesterol, phospholipids, bile pigments, electrolytes and water.

Gall stones may form if the bile contains too much of Cholesterol, too much of bilirubin (the bile pigment) or not enough bile salts. Why these changes occur in Bile is not fully understood.

Symptoms of Gall stone-

Most people with gallstones do not have symptoms such Gallstones are termed as Silent gallstones as they don’t stop the work of gall bladder they don’t need the treatment.

Symptoms appear when there’s inflammation in the gall bladder due to obstruction, there occurs

Pain in upper belly and right shoulder or back

Digestive problems like indigestion, heartburn, gas, vomiting, stomach upset.

See your doctor if belly pain lasts for few hours.

Gall stone diagnosis-

Ultrasound, CT scan

Preventing Gall stones-

Eat healthy diet that’s high in fiber and good fats. Avoid too much of sugar and unhealthy fats.

Get regular exercise, aim for 30 minutes walk.

Diets that  lose a lots of weight should be avoided.


In most cases, treatment of gall stones is considered necessary only if symptoms are present. In conventional medicine the treatment favoured is surgical removal of gall bladder.

But in Homoepathy gall stones can be cured without any surgery.

Case of Gall stone cured at Indian homoeo

Homoeopathic Approach for the treatment of gall stone is by considering the biological conflict .

The conflict related to the gall bladder is different in males and females in males it is territorial anger conflict (means anger in his territory ie disputes sat home, workplace or in school in children). Whereas, in females the conflict is identity conflict.


Female patient-  with complaints of dull pain in epigastric region from past 6 months.

Advised USG.  Findings of USG- on 28/9/2018 contracted gall bladder with thick wall and 16 mm single calculus in gall bladder lumen.

 After a thorough case taking and considering the conflict, medicine was prescribed and patient.

By thorough case taking symptoms  considered

  • A/f grief
  • Helplessness
  • Inflammation gall bladder.

Remedy selected was phosphorus 200 single dose .

Patient gradually felt better and was again advised USG after 3 months.

18/1/19 USG report showed Normal impression with no gall stone. Also patient was free from all her complains.

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