Fibroadenoma Treatment Doctor in kolkata

Fibroadenoma Treatment Doctor in Kolkata|Fibroadenoma Treatment Clinic in Kolkata

Fibroadenoma is a non-cancerous (benign)breast lump which usually moves when touched.

The fibroadenomas generally develops during puberty hence are mostly seen in young girls but can occur in women at any age.

Dr. Sudha is Fibroadenoma Treatment Doctor in Kolkata

Symptoms- It is felt as a lump smooth and round to touch. Fibroadenomas are generally painless but sometimes just before menses they may be painful and tender. (4)

Causes- The exact cause of fibroadenoma is not known but it is believed that it occurs because of increased sensitivity to oestrogen hormone.


Homoeopathy approach- Homoeopathy medicines play an efficient role in immunity development and stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal, which helps in regression of lump  naturally and also prevents from further relapse.

At Indianhomoeo by considering each patient’s physical,mental psycho-emotional makeup,thermals temperament and needs the medicine is prescribed.


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