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Patient- S.K.B


Age-31 yrs

Right-handed male

C/c- Patients came with complaints of intense burning in the mouth with difficulty eating salty food and excessive salivation, which made patients dull and weak. On examination, lesions were present on his right buccal mucosa, upper palate, and tongue. His complaint started two years ago. He had difficulty swallowing with pain in the throat. Due to his weakness and dullness, he quit his job as he was not able to attend his office regularly. Taken allopathy treatment with no relief. He was jobless for the past 3 months.

Diagnosis- Oral Candidiasis

Personal History- The patient is an only child and was very much pampered by his father. His father passed away 3 years ago. After his father’s death, he was shocked and the financial problems started (as his father was the only earning member). The patient said he couldn’t work in any of the companies for long due to his ill health( He had to quit his job twice due to his bad health ) .Anxiety about his health and constant fear that he will not be able to do anything in his life. He had to take care of his mother and maternal aunty. He said my family is starving because of me. 

Appetite- Poor

Thirst- Normal

Stools –Regular

Thermal – Hot patient

Sun- Aggravates

Analysis of Case 

  • Organ Affected- oral cavity

  • Embryonic germ layer-Endoderm

  • Conflict shock- Sudden demise of the father, as the patient was too much attached to his father he could not handle this situation. His father was the only earning member he did not know how will he take care of his mother and maternal aunt who stays with so here the conflict is MORSEL CONFLICT. In this case the lesions were present on the right side. The right half of the mouth and the pharynx co-relates to an “ingoing Morsel” ie “not being able to swallow a morsel”

  •  Brain Controlling center-Brain stem

  • Conflict Active Phase- Starting with DHS, during the conflict-active phase cells in the submucosa of the mouth proliferate proportionally to the intensity of the conflict. The Biological purpose of the additional cells is to better salivate a morsel in order to absorb it faster. Salivation is stimulated by the autonomic nervous system.

  • Conflict healing phase- During the healing phase fungi remove the cells that are no longer needed. In the mouth, the healing phase presents as lesions or ulcers in the mucous membrane of the oral cavity which is very painful.

  • A chronic condition indicates that there is a relapse of conflict which prolonged the healing phase. (Patient lost his job due to his ill health- sudden financial loss- morsel conflict).

Treatment given-

7/2/18 Natmur 200 (sd) with sl twice a day for 15 days

1st follow up-22/2/18

Salivation +

Appetite improved

Lesions present

Stools –regular

The patient appeared for an interview

Medicine- sl 

2nd follow up 8/3/18

Appetite- better

Thirst – increased

Lesions reduced inflamed oral cavity

The patient was confident and hopeful for his interview results.

Medicine- sl

3rd follow up 16/7/18

The patient did not turn up as he said he joined job which keeps him busy. Now he can enjoy his food even spices and hot food. The patient had come for coryza.


(Analysis –Death ailments from parents+ anxiety family about his +Pain burning mouth eating aggravates + HOT- Nat mur)

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