Welcome to Dr. Sudha’s Homeopathy

Homoeopathy is about science based on Natural laws. With the fast moving world, homoeopathy too is developing at a rapid pace and getting popular in all parts of the world. As we know that our body has its own self defence mechanism, whenever a foreign body enters the system the body tries to remove it on its own. But if the foreign attack is stronger than body’s defence system then it weakens the immunity. This weak Immunity of our system manifests in the form of disease. Here comes the role of medicine. Unlike Modern medicine we in Homoeopathy treat the MAN in DISEASE and not the DISEASE in MAN. Means Homoeopathy says that the treatment is given to the Man as a whole and not only to the affected part. This we do by considering patient’s mental condition and his/her lifestyle along with the physical complaints. We do not claim to cure diseases with our medicines. We just stimulate the IMMUNE SYSTEM to react and cure itself.