About the cured case of nummular eczema

Mr Dutta, 60 yrs, Kolkata

Case of Nummular eczema

Mr. Dutta of 60 years security guard by occupation came with swelling on his left arm on 2ndmar2011. H/O complaints-Patient itching. He applied coconut oil which reduced the itching but eruptions gradually increased. The tiny red eruptions coalesce and formed circular eruptions with terrible itching. He consulted a gen physician, where he was advised an ointment (name not available with the patient) instead of applying ointment he decided to take homoeopathic treatment.
On further interrogation he informed that he suffered from same type of skin complains 30 years back, for which he had taken treatment from govt hospital.
O/E-The lesion appeared black, thick scaly and hyper pigmented. Leather like eruption under which pus was formed (due to continuous scratching pus formed).It appeared as if thick scab was covering the pus narrated that he had small tiny red eruptions on his hand in the month of jan11 with intolerable with tiny eruptions on the scab. Physical general-Patient’s skin is dry and he often has itching complaints especially in winters (Dec-Feb).Patient desires for rich food, with much flatulence and burning in stomach. Patient is nauseated when empty stomach feels better after eating. Mentally-Patient is generally quite but gets angry about small things. He feels helpless and is sad about his health. He is very traditional and religious. Forgetful, weak memory. Prescription- On the basis of symptoms mezereum200 was prescribed on 02/03/11 along with PL for 5 days. Follow up-on 06/03/11 no swelling of hand. Eruptions as it are. Repeat mezererum 200 BD for 15 days along with pl. On 21/03/11 no pus, itching occasionally night burning of stomach reduced. Single dose of mezereum 1m and pl for 30 days. Patient recovered on 5th may2011 with clear skin with no rashes. No complains since then.

About cured Bronchitis

Mast Hardik Tiwari, 6 yrs, Jalvayuvihar,Greater Noida (U.P) Hardik was cured with Bronchitis 2 years back, was on treatment of other system of medicines but not with success. His case indicated Hepar sulph remedy and now he is comfortable.

About cured corn

Mr Shankar Jadhav, 40 yrs, Shriramnagar, N-2, CIDCO, Aurangabad( Maharashtra) Multiple corns on sole much painful,disturbs walking since last 2 months,applied corn cap but in vain. Antimcrude1m relieved the pain dissolved the corn in a week.

About cured case of polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)

Divyanshi Saxena, 22 yrs, Ghaziabad

Chief Complaints

Secondary Amenorrhea since last six months. USG report revealed Multiple cysts at the periphery of both the ovaries on 9/7/09. After taking the complete symptoms Pulsatila 10m single dose was prescribed. On 12/7/09 regular menses.Till December Menses were normal in jan feb and mar 2010 only spotting, Pulsatilla 10m repeated.Till date no complaints.

About the cured wart on Nose

Mast Mudit Gupta, 8yrs, H-284, Shastrinagar, Meerut.

Chief Complaints

This Patient came to me with a small pointed eruption on nose and no other complaints. Considering it small wart prescribed Thuja 200 stat. After 1 week he came back annoyed and the size of growth increased, Looking at the wart prescribed Argentum Nitricum 200 single dose. Next day he returned with No eruption.


His nose got cured within days from the wart judsy like that Homoeopathy cures many skin conditions and other diseases too.

About the cured case of Migraine

Mast Mudit Gupta 32yrs.

Chief Complaints

  • Pain in head starts in the morning and relieved in evening
  • Pain starts from back of Head and settles over right eye
  • Acidity with burning in pharynx and oesophagus
  • Pain in head as if head would burst
  • Pain relieved after sleeping.
  • Totality matched with Sanguinaria 200.After 1 month t/t no complains.


Migraine is severe painful headache condition which is generally accompanied by some warning signals. If the medcinal course is followed correctly then Homoeopathic medicine brings complete cure.

About the cured case of Allergic Rhinitis

Mast Mudit Gupta, 18yrs.

Chief Complaints

  • Sneezing and rhinorrhoea since last 6 yrs.
  • Sneezing starts after rising in the morning.
  • C/O runny nose remains for entire day and feels better in the evening.
  • Headache from eye straining
  • Frequent attack of cold and cough.
  • Craves for salt and salt food items
  • Based on totality of symptoms and repertorisation Natrum Mur200

After 2 months follow-up no complaints of rhinorrhoea was found.


Rhinorrhoea is commonly termed as runny nose which is generally due to allergic conditions. Allergies can be cured with Homoeopathic remedies by INDIANHOMEO